Austin Texas part 2

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Random Assortment 9

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Here are some street and set up shots I took this past month.

Random Assortment 8

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Another group of photos from the past 2 weeks!



Random Assortment 7

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This is another edit of photos I took this past week. My new website should be done soon but procrastination and the 10 other projects I have keep me from completing this tedious task. Soon she will be running up there in the internets with the other websites that complete a beautiful place.  Let me know what you think and below is a lot more goodies!



The movie project I have been working on titled “The Nightmare” is halfway through production. I can’t tell you how difficult it can be being tied down by school loans and having to work 4 jobs just so Sallie Mae can be on ease. From what we have though we are on the right track. I thank you all for helping me on this and lets get this baby done and shoot some more movies! I love you all!

Thanks for looking!


Also thanks to spotify I found this rare gem! Damn good song dudes!



Random Assortment 6

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With the purchase of the x100 I have been shooting a lot! Enjoy!


Weekly Assortment #5

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Here is another edit from shoots in the cold water of Winthrop to awkward smiles at birthday parties. The memories keep on coming from just digging away at my hard drive. I hope you enjoy!

Recently I have been working on my first film project “The Nightmare.” I am graced to be in great company with Chandra Guthro, Elizabeth Woodward and Michael Stanchi who are making this to be a good start. I can thank you all enough! Filming will be happening soon!  Here is 2 stills from the first acting rehearsal!

Screen Shot 2013-01-28 at 3.10.24 PM

This song linked today,  has been on repeat this past month and with every listen, it just gets better. Sorry Will……

The Mills Brothers – You Always Hurt

Weekly Assortment #4

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Here is yet another edit!

With the passing of my Canon AE-1. A tragic loss. I have been shooting with this beautiful baby!

A Voightlander Vito B!

With that being said…… Here is what happened last week!


and of course!

Rita Reys – After You’ve Gone